Monday, June 16, 2014

30 Day Challenge - Day 11 - Library

Yes, I am a few days behind.  But on the positive side, my wrist is feeling much better without the help from Urgent Care.  I iced it and just let it rest, and now it's pretty much back to normal!!

For Day 11 I chose the Library.

Now, there are many great things about the library here.  Of course, almost anyone can get a library card.  In addition to the huge selection of books, and books available through inter-library loan, there aren't many books that you can't find.  There are also many movies available to pick from.

Our library also offers many other events.  A couple times a week they have 'Story time" complete with a craft activity and sometimes a snack.  They offer this during the day and at night.  On occasion they have someone from the zoo come in to share with the kids, or they have a magician.

But I really enjoy the summer programs at our library.

They have a reading program for older kids and younger kids.  The younger kids can read book or have books read to them.  The older kids must read chapter books.  When they reach a certain number of books, they earn a prize.  This happens in increments up until they reach the grand prize, which is a book for them to keep.

They also offer book club during the school year and in the summer.  This summer, they have a therapy reading dog at the same time as book club, so while Beau is at book club, Scrappy will be with the dog.

Scrappy and I also use the library a lot when it comes to homeschooling.  We use the 'create your own' curriculum method for teaching, so I can keep with what interests Scrappy.  We also do school year round so that we can take frequent breaks throughout the year.  This is especially helpful now that Chubbers has entered the picture.

What great programs does your library offer?

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