Friday, May 19, 2017

Beginning again....

Motherhood is an adventure in itself.  Add into that the excitement of homeschooling, a genetic disease, a social disability, and the teenage years, and you have a whole new ballgame!  My little Monkey has been attending preschool for the last month.  He was accepted at 3 without potty training because, in addition to the amazing adventures of CF that we have daily, he has the added joy of ASD on top of it.  It's all fine because, you know, dealing with CF is no big deal anyway, right? (Insert sarcastic smirk.)  

I tried to follow my dream for a while.  I had opened a shop last spring and it lasted a whole 6 months.  But when you spend your days bouncing between doctor appointments and being a new business, you can't really afford to bring in hired help.  My cousin came in to help for a while, but I still owe her for at least one day she worked.  I had built up a pretty good inventory, then when I closed in August I had to move everything from my 900 square foot store into totes and into my basement, garage, and office space.  I'm still looking for many of my things because I don't know where they are. 

I finished off last year with Farmer's Market, and I signed on with them for the full year this year.  Wednesday was the first day, but the weather wasn't very nice.  It was thundering, lightening, and hailing up until opening time, so I was a few minutes late getting there since I wasn't sure if I should go or not.  This year I'm licensed to sell veggies as well as baking mixes.  I've written up some really good muffin mixes that I'm going to do, as well as selling some of the muffins already made.   I've also been doing more sewing since I have a couple new machines that I've inherited.  I've been playing around and experimenting with different ideas.  Hopefully they go over well :) 

Today I'm also starting a cleaning and decluttering program to try to get my house under control.  There is just way too much mess right now for me, and I notice it plays on my anxiety.  And I hate when I can't find things.  I had a customer come pick up an order, and I wrote out the receipt and took her cash and put it in the book, then can't remember where I put it.  I could really use that $20, so now I need to find it!!

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