Sunday, June 12, 2011

A month later?

I know it's been a while since my last entry.  It has been a difficult month.  Last month my grandpa's mother passed away while I was on vacation, shortly before that my step-father's father passed away.  My half-sister and half-brother's dad was airlifted to Rochester with a heart attack and had to have 2 stints put in about the same time that both the deaths occurred.  Then Memorial Day, step-dad was airlifted to Rochester with a heart attack and had to have a stint put in his heart.  Oh the craziness!!

Then it was my turn!  Last Saturday, June 4, I went to my all-day class.  Everything seemed fine, and I felt fine!!  After class I came home quickly to get my Pure Romance case and off I went to a show.  During the show is when my problem occurred.  We took a break about halfway through, and I excused myself to use the bathroom because I thought I was having a bladder issue.... and where I discovered it was much more than that!!  I was bleeding!!  Heavily!!!  I was so scared!!  I told the hostess (who already knew I was pregnant) and I asked a friend of mine to take me to the ER.  I left the 'samples' there for the party guests to check out and told the hostess I will be doing the orders over the phone once I got the "issue" settled.

A friend drove me to the ER and stayed there with me until hubs could get there.  He was going to bring the kids, but I didn't want to scare them, so I asked another friend (who conveniently lives across the street) if he could bring them over there, which she said was fine.  The doctor in the ER left us very little hope when she came in to examine me and took blood.  I had lost quite a bit of blood and was terrified we were going to lose the baby.  The doctor gave us very little reason to feel hopeful.  When she and the nurse attempted to find the baby's heartbeat, they couldn't find anything.  She did say it is sometimes difficult to pick up at 11 weeks.  She said she was going to have my hormone levels checked by the blood, and if they were high enough, I would be having an ultrasound.  Then she and the nurse left and we didn't see anyone for almost an hour.  The waiting was killing us, and I couldn't keep the tears back.  I could tell my husband was upset, but he was trying to stay calm to keep me calm.

Finally, an hour later, another lady came in who I presumed was another nurse.  Nope!!  It was the ultrasound tech!!  Finally we were hopeful!!  Off she took us to ultrasound, with a bathroom break along the way so the ultrasound would be "easier".  We were very excited to see our little baby on the screen!  Baby's heartbeat was 175bpm, nice and strong, and he/she was kicking little legs and waving little arms all around :)  I've never been so relieved in all my life!!

After the ultrasound, the doctor finally came back in to talk to us and said my hormone levels were well over 45,000.  Then she left.  Another nurse brought in my discharge instructions - bed rest until the bleeding stops, gradually resume activity, no lifting, no sex for 3 weeks, and follow up with my OB.  I called him on Monday and spoke with his nurse.  My bed rest lasted until Thursday, a full day after the bleeding had completely stopped.  I have my next appointment on Wednesday, June 15th, and we have our first "official" ultrasound, complete with pictures we get to keep :)  He is keeping me on the lifting restriction until at least after the appointment but it sounds like it will be a lot longer than that.  We'll just have to see what happens.  And, of course, since I was on bed rest, there was no TOPS for me on Thursday.  I called our group leader and I'm sure they understand. 

To bring my TOPS progress up to date - at my last weigh-in I was down a total of 6 3/4 pounds since I started on March 24.  I also received a prize at our last meeting - I was the contest winner for my division with the highest weight loss for last month. Yay!!  That got me a $2 bill, which I have on my fridge to remind me :)  I've been losing each week, just a little at a time - sometimes just 1/4 of a pound, but every little bit helps!!

For the time being I have also put my gym membership at Anytime Fitness on hold.  I did a 2 month hold for now, so August 7th it reactivates.  The gym manager told me I can only do a 3 month suspension.  Hopefully my doc will clear me for some light exercise before then!!!!