Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Yes, I'm way overdue on this entry.  My life has almost fallen apart in the past month and a half, and I have been having trouble putting it into words.  I have had enough trouble just understanding it all myself.  It's been more than a little overwhelming.

June 24 saw me back in the doctor's office - on basically an emergency-type visit.  The bleeding.  Again.  I called hubs at work and then Grammy to watch the kids.  Doctor L had an appt open at 2 and since I called at 12:15, he thought I could wait (obviously heavy bleeding wasn't much of a concern to him even though it scared the hell out of me!!!)  We went in, he listened and heard baby's heart beat, and told me to take it easy.  We were in, seen, and out in less than 10 minutes and I was in no way reassured.  When asked why I was bleeding, his answer was "I don't know."  Well, soon enough we would find out how reliable - and what a LIAR, this doctor was.

After my June 12th appt (and my last ultrasound here), I was supposed to be referred to Maternal-Fetal Medicine so they could get my medical background - supposedly.  After my July 15th appt, I was FINALLY scheduled with Maternal-Fetal Medicine and was to go to Rochester to see them to 1) meet with the nurse, 2) have an ultrasound, 3) meet with the OB, and 4) meet with the Genetics Counselor.  Um, no, I canceled the last appt right away - there was no reason to meet with the Genetics Counselor after we already did that less than 3 years ago after Scrappy was born.  We knew all we needed to about the chances of CF with the baby, the complications associated with CF, and all that other stuff that Dr L didn't seem to know about.  So here I still had 3 appts - but when I asked the appt desk AND Dr L's office WHY I was being referred - NO ONE knew!!  Was it for the CF or was it for the bleeding??  Turns out we wouldn't actually find out until we got to Mayo.

July 25 - Hubby took a half day off to go with me to my appts at Mayo.  Best decision ever.  We met with Dr R, who is a specialist in high risk pregnancies.  Turns out we'd been referred because there is a blood 'pool' or 'pocket' above the placenta.  Dr L knew about it but didn't bother to tell use.  Turns out THIS is why I've been bleeding - it's the blood from this pocket leaking.  WTH???  He couldn't say "I'm sending you to Roch because idk why this is here?"  (Nope, NOT going back to Dr L! Ever!)  Dr R told us to expect that Baby will most likely be here before 34 weeks because of the size of the pocket.  It's a rare complication and they're not sure why it happens, it just does.  (At least it's an explanation and an HONEST one at that!!)  Dr R said Baby most likely will end up in Rochester anyway, and it's up to us if we want to continue to see the docs at home or not.  Until we make our decision, we're supposed to continue with our appts as scheduled.

Aug 26 - Second appt in Rochester.  We had 2 appts with Dr Y, who was ok to being with, seemed nice and friendly, but I really DON'T like liars.  Especially when it comes to mine or my children's health.  Dr Y told us he's been in contact with Dr R and we're supposed to be having checkups and ultrasounds every 3-4 weeks.  According to Dr Y, we would ONLY do the steroid injection to help Baby's lungs develop if I was still ACTIVELY bleeding.  My husband and I also decided that I'm not going to get my tubes tied right away, as we had planned, because of the likelihood of Baby coming early.  We want to keep our options open.  Dr Y, however, said we're still going through with everything as planned, delivering here even though we told him we want to have the baby at Mayo, and that I'm still getting my tubes tied, even though we told him we changed our minds.  It was completely obvious he wasn't listening to me.  When I asked about when we should follow up with Dr R, Dr Y changed the subject.  I finally took it upon myself to call Mayo and found out the only contact he had with Dr Rose was ONE EMAIL.  Like I said, I'm NOT a fan of liars.  I made an appt to see Dr R, and we've decided that is where all of our appointments are going to be done from here on out.

Went to see Dr R.  He was happy to see us.  I think switching over there is the best decision we've made.  He said it looks like Baby will still be coming early just because of how much bleeding I had earlier on, but it's a good sign that it's stopped.  Hopefully it means Baby won't be coming AS early.  We weren't scheduled for an ultrasound, but he said let's do one anyway :)  We saw that the pocket was still there.  We also saw that Baby still has echogenic bowel.  (Echogenic bowel in this pregnancy means either 1) Baby has been swallowing blood and it's moving through his/her system  (which doesn't do any harm) or 2) it's a precursor to meconium ileus, which is intestinal blockage caused by mucus caused by CF - obviously we're hoping for #1!!!)  If Baby DOES have m.i. at least we'll already be in Rochester, which is where he/she would be sent anyway to have it treated.  We are supposed to go back to see Dr R in 3 weeks.  As we were on our way out the door, Scot mentioned getting a tour or knowing where to go if anything happens - so Dr R set up a tour right then and there for us!! Talk about a great doctor!!

I'm going to wrap this up now, but will keep posted as the pregnancy progresses.  And to keep things up-to-date, yes, I'm still attending TOPS religiously.  I'm not following my eating plan as religiously, but how often can we when we're pregnant.  But to-date, I'm at a 13 pound loss total!  I had gotten down a total of 15 pounds, but babies always have an effect on that :) 

I've been doing some thinking, and become addicted to a new blog I found.  I'm working on making my household more workable... and looking at re-evaluating my blog a bit.  Yes it was originally started as a method for me to track my health and fitness efforts, but I may expand that.  The title - TODAY is Day One - is all about new beginnings - being able to start over TODAY.  This can be health, fitness, financial, or just how to live your life.

Since I've not worked much since June, I KNOW there need to be some budgetary changes made in our house.  I'm also tired of the mounds of 'to-do' items on my list and would like to get it all under control before baby comes, especially since school has started for me now and will be starting for Beau soon.  My first effort has come in following many of the tips found in the blog I've been reading and incorporating many things from a book I have, "The Family Manager Takes Charge."  I'm going to start blogging about how these changes are progressing in our household.  I'm also up for suggestions and input.  No one ever tells you the reality of being a SAHM and how challenging it actually is.  I didn't know what I was getting myself into, and now, more than a year later, I'm working on getting my life in order.  Some things just take time.....

(yes at the beginning I said 'the past month and a half.'  I started this entry, then life just got in the way.  I'm going to make an honest effort to blog once a day or at least every other day.  Today's actual date - the completion of this entry - lands on Aug 30, more than a month after it was started.)