Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Where Has Summer Gone?

It's hard to believe that it's almost August!!  This has been one heck of a summer - there hasn't been a week gone by that we haven't had something going on.  That's not necessarily a bad thing.  The kids have been busy making memories and Mommy has (mostly) been able to be there for it all.  There have been a few conflicting events - like when Beau had baseball practice and Scrappy had soccer practice at the same time, but we got to see the end of her practice.

The best news:  the life insurance realized they were at fault, and paid the full amount of Baden's life insurance policy!  It only took me calling a lawyer for some advice and finding out if they didn't honor it, it would be breach of contract and we'd get a lot more than the amount of the policy.

We've also decided to add on to our house.  This has been in process for several months.  We closed last Wednesday, so now we're just waiting on our contractor!  Our home currently is about 890 square feet.  Our addition will be 500 square feet - doubling our main floor!!  I'll finally have an area to do my work and my studying in!  And the kids will have separate bedrooms.  And we'll have a second bathroom!  It's just a half bath, but it's still another bathroom!! :)

In spite of the extremely hot summer we've been having, the kids have been busy! What have they been doing?  Well they have...

spent a day at 'Art In The Park' doing free arts, crafts, tie-dying, face painting, and watching a puppet show,

picked out a memorial tree for Baden that will go next to the new patio,

won second place overall for the season playing baseball,

went fishing with Mommy and Daddy,

went fishing and out on the boat with Opa,

helped Mommy plant a garden,

rode bike in a kiddie parade,

went to summer preschool....

and the end-of-preschool party,

 had a party (I LOVE this expression!!)

to celebrate Scrappy's birthday,

played soccer,

went to see Monster Trucks two weekends in a row

and got the drivers' autographs!!

We have one of our many family reunions this weekend, along with a Zombie Pub Crawl for Cystic Fibrosis that our group is organizing (can't wait to share those pictures!), and then the fair starts on July 31.  I will have a booth there to try to help promote my business.   Beau is planning to come with me a couple days to help out.  Just trying to make sure I have someone to watch Scrappy cuz it will be WAY too hot out there for him!!

And - as if I haven't had enough going on, I just enrolled at Walden University and started on my MBA on June 25!!  I am doing a double major "self-designed" program - Leadership, and Project Management.  I'm considering getting a tablet to make it easier to study on the go instead of having to haul my laptop everywhere.  Just gotta decide which one....

Going to post pictures of the house before and after the construction too!!  Contractor says it's only going to take about 1 1/2 months - yay!!!!!