Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Test Results

I went in for my 'annual checkup' last week.  On Friday, I had to go back so I could have a fasting blood test done.  I got a call yesterday morning with the test results.

Not good.

My thyroid levels are low - again.  My doc did send in for a new dosage, so we'll see if that helps.  My good cholesterol is too low, my bad cholesterol and trygs are too high, and my blood sugar is high.  Everything is "just a little" high or low.  According to the nurse practitioner who I'd had my appointment with, most of these issues can be caused just by my thyroid being off.  It could also explain why my anxiety attacks have been more frequent

It's frustrating, especially since losing weight is supposed to help get the numbers back in check.  Even my bp was up a little more than usual at my appointment.

I go back to see my family practice doc in 2 weeks to see if the thyroid meds are helping enough and to determine what to do next.

I'm hoping for another good number at TOPS this week since I'm still being pretty good about watching what I'm eating.  I need to get back to exercising a little bit more than what I have been this past week even though I haven't felt up to it much (another side effect of my thyroid - fatigue).  Last week I dropped 4 1/4 pounds - bringing me back up to a 26 pound loss since I joined last year.  I'm aiming for 30 pounds total by my 1 year anniversary **fingers crossed**