Tuesday, August 11, 2015

2nd Grade - Week 1 Review and on to Week 2

Well, week 1 of 2nd grade started out pretty good.  We were on track for the first couple days.  All of our scheduled lessons were done and checked off.  It only took, in total, about 3 hours to get all of Scrappy's work done.  I thought that was pretty good!!  I explained to him that if he was in public school, he would be there more than twice as long as that each day to get all his work done.  Here is what a full day, done, in my planner looks like.

A red check mark as each item gets done.  Once each item is checked off, he gets to put a star next to the subject to show that it's all done.  The first 2 days of school looked like the picture above.

This year we even added in Home Ec so he could do some cooking since he likes to help with supper.  Once day a week he will either be making supper or dessert.  This week he made a very simple soup recipe - Iroquois Corn Soup.

We were off to such a great start, I had such high hopes for this school year.

But then life happened.

Wednesday morning I attempted to get him to do as much as we could before we had to leave for my dentist appointment.  We got through a good majority of it.  I had hoped to finish it when we got home, but a stop at the grocery store and a few other interruptions put a dent in those plans.  Oh well, move it to Thursday.  As one of my instructors, Christy, would say, "Blessed are the flexible, for they shall not be bent out of shape."

Thursday morning - TOPS meeting. OK.  Then Chubbers had his physical therapist coming because he's still not walking because he's 17 months old and everyone is worried.  I mean, he IS furniture surfing and holding hands.  Yesterday he took a couple steps from the chair to Mommy without realizing it because he didn't want Daddy and he just wanted me :)  (and my big boy just got his hair cut yesterday too - he looks like such a big boy now!!!)

But he's so blonde his hair looks so much shorter than it actually is.

Anyway, back to school.  Thursday afternoon I had so much trouble getting Scrappy back on track.  Our schedule at the end of the day ended up like this:

obviously not done :(  Friday morning I had a doctor's appointment, but by the time that was done and I picked up my prescription, then got our roofing permit, it was after lunch.  Fortunately Beau fed the boys while I was gone.  Half the day was gone.  Tried as I could, we didn't get Friday's work done and ended up carrying our schooling into Saturday because of a very uncooperative student.

Yesterday didn't go much better.  I didn't expect Monday's to be very easy anyway, which is why I schedule Monday mornings to be library time, plus a light schedule for the rest of the day.  We accomplished Math yesterday.  That was it.  And that was after Daddy was home.  Today Mommy had to be strict and is making Scraps sit alone in the office doing his work while I keep an eye on Chubbers.  Beau is gone this week at camp and won't be home until Friday.  Figured it's time for me to get in the habit of not having the extra hands to help me before she goes back to school.

I suppose I better go check to see what Scraps is up to... it's a little too quiet in there....