Monday, December 31, 2012

Pain Relief!

On Friday I had gone to the dentist.  I lost a filling in one of my back teeth, and then the tooth broke even more.  I had been playing phone tag with one of the dentists in town for a while, but they stopped returning my calls.  Of course whenever I tried calling them, I always got the answering machine.  After talking to hubby, we decided I should just take a little bit of money out of our construction fund to pay for my tooth since we don't have dental insurance.  Fortunately I was able to get into a different dental clinic a few towns away.  I had been there before and they are VERY good!!  I called Friday morning and was able to get in Friday afternoon.  Because of the break, the dentist recommended I have it pulled because a crown and root canal would not have been worth the expense.

As my luck has it, I ended up getting dry socket over the weekend :(  That made for a very crabby mom considering it acted up the worst at night, so I got very little sleep.  This morning I called at 8:02am and was able to get in at 9!!  I checked in and had literally just sat down when the nurse called me back.  Of course it hurt like crazy when the dentist stuck the packing in my socket - it's basically gauze with medication on it and a wire running through it.  But after a little bit, the pain started to dull.  Now I can barely feel it.  I have to go back on Wednesday to have the packing removed and to see if it needs to be repacked.  I was told it is possible the packing may fall out in the meantime, but hopefully it doesn't!!

I still can't believe the year is over!!!  In another month or so, hopefully the addition will be done.  A couple friends of mine said if I provide beverages, they would come over to help paint.  (I think that's why hubs said we should paint before we put the flooring or trim in! haha!)

There's not a lot to see on the inside yet.  The bathroom, closet, and half wall are framed, but I don't have pictures of all that yet.

I am also looking for more ways to save some money this year.  I have been reading a few blogs.  This one is by far my favorite for ideas and inspirations for everything and anything you can think of!  I also like what I've found on this one so far too.  It helps to break the daunting tasks associated with minimalizing into small steps to add into your daily routine.

Well, since it IS New Year's, I suppose I need to get ready to celebrate with my munchkins.  They just informed me they are having a slumber party in the living room :/  I told them they needed to clean up the living room before we do anything.  Daddy is on snack duty and is hitting up the store for some sparkling grape juice and chips for the kiddos, and hopefully bringing home a bottle of wine for us to share.

Have a safe and happy New Year!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Another Year

As the year is coming to a close, I look back and came to a realization.  I really didn't do anything this year.  Nothing memorable really.  Basically a year wasted away, days blurring into one another. 

I'm back where I started with my weight loss.  I haven't been to TOPS in 2 months because lack of motivation and because I don't want to deal with one of the nasty old ladies there.

There have been a lot of decisions made.  Now actions need to be taken on the decisions. 

Our house is currently under construction, as we are adding on to the back of the house.  But I don't want the new part to be overrun with junk and crap.  All the chaos has been greatly contributing to my anxiety.  That is why I have taken a little time to find some 'tools' to help me control the chaos.  I'll share more on the specific websites as I apply some of the methods, and report on the effectiveness of the methods.  I know, not everything works for everyone.  I need to figure out what works for me.

Since tomorrow is New Year's Eve, I've already made a list of what my resolutions are for the new year.

1) I am going to give myself designated time to update my blog at least 2x per week.

2) I am going to have office hours at least 1x per week so I can get some work done with my businesses.  Even if it is just filing or sending emails!

3) I'm going to focus more on my weight loss.  I have 3 steps to this:
  1. Going back to TOPS weekly - even if it's only for weigh in and I can't stay for the meeting
  2. Tracking all of my food and water (since I know I don't drink enough water)
  3. Do some sort of exercise every day, even if I can't get to the gym
4)  Organize and PURGE - get rid of stuff!!!  I am already starting on this one.  I have a box started for garage sale stuff, a box for the Epilepsy stuff, and a tote with clothes for my favorite consignment store (the last time I bought stuff there, I paid $0.13 for 2 pairs of like-new jeans for Scrappy since I had money on account from previous sales.)  I've also learned what items she likes, so when I took the last batch in, she kept it all :)  I will definitely be posting pictures!!

5) Spend a little more Me-Time - I want to set up morning and evening routines for myself because a lot of days, my personal stuff is waylaid because of something or another of the kids'. 

The dishes are calling my name and the cupboards aren't emptying themselves.... so onward I go!